Founded in 1933 we are a locally owned and operated office solutions company with a long history of serving businesses in The Shoals, Northwest Alabama and the Tri-State area. We provide our customers a range of products through our offerings in Printing, Office Supplies, Business Machines, Furniture, Creative Services, Fine Stationery and Gifts, and Breakroom & Janitorial Supplies. Unlike the “Big Box” chain stores, we offer you personalized service, product expertise and a commitment to helping you be successful in your business. We provide all of these services at pricing that is more competitive than one would expect from a single, locally owned source.

Like you, we live, work and play in this community.  We have a vested interest in its economic health.  Buying from local companies makes us unique and contributes to creating and maintaining jobs here.

As a local independent business we often battle misconceptions when compared against the national chain stores.

Studies show that for every $100 spent in a local business, $68 stays in our community, in comparison to $43 when purchased in a chain store.  Also, every dollar spent at a local business will turnover five to seven times in our economy, based upon the national average.**

Local independent businesses like us support local accountants, attorneys, merchants, banks, insurance firms, hospitals and other community resources.  As a small business we pay more in taxes and rarely receive tax breaks or subsidies.  We also contribute more to local charities, schools, youth groups, sports programs and hospitals through sponsored events and direct donations.

Small businesses collectively are the largest employers nationally and provide the most new jobs to local residents.  Chain stores may create new jobs, but studies indicate they displace more than one job for each job created.**

We strive to preserve what makes our community special and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit which attracts new commerce creates new jobs in our community.

**Source: Andersonville Study of Retail Economics